"Life support systems have failed.  Reserves -  [inaudible] - seventeen percent...  Final readings indicate a gravitational signature... Sector V-29047.  Lander systems appear functional.  I'm - [inaudible] - If this message is received..."

-  FINALTRANSMISSION, Captain Aaron Ross, USS Resilience

What is SubLander

SubLander is a physics based 2.5D sci-fi adventure game.

Having crashed into a network of underground caverns on an alien planet, you must find your way to the surface in an attempt to call for help.  Along the way you will uncover the secrets of this strange place, face the dangers lurking in the depths, and maybe even unravel an ancient mystery at the heart of this world.

  • Test your piloting skills against more than 25 challenging levels.
  • Solve puzzles, avoid hazards, and outwit foes.
  • Endure the worst the planet has to throw at you including crumbling caverns, flooded passages, blinding darkness, and molten rivers.
  • Uncover a sprawling story of hope and the lengths we will go to survive.


Retro Style

SubLander is a throwback to the classics of the past, both in style and substance.  We set out to build a game that would bring back the sense of challenge and reward of retro gaming without sacrificing modern innovations or storytelling.


Punishing Difficulty

This is no walk in the park!  Your skills will be pushed to their limit through puzzles, hazards, enemies and environmental effects.  Do you have what it takes to return home?


Powerful Narrative

Retro is great for gameplay, but we are making SubLander for a modern audience with contemporary narrative expectations.  We believe that games can be one of the most effective platforms with which to tell stories and SubLander is no exception.


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